Mediterranean meetings: September 17 to 24, 2023 in Marseille

mosaic of hope

All places for mass at the Orange Vélodrome stadium are affected. All people registered through their parish, their community or their diocesan pilgrimage service are invited to contact these contacts to collect their places. They will not be sent by email but sent in printed version. There is no need to request places by email or telephone. All those wishing to welcome Pope Francis and follow the celebration can go to avenue du Prado (2), between Parc Borély and avenue de Mazargues, where Pope Francis will come to greet the crowd and where giant screens will be installed. Avenue du Prado will be accessible to the general public on Saturday September 23 from 9:30 a.m.

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a festival in Marseille, the pope, bishops and young people

Great poverty, conflicts, religious plurality, ecological issues, the situation of migrants: the Mediterranean is facing major challenges. But it also has historical, religious, cultural and socio-economic resources, which are all responses to these challenges.

Bringing together the Churches and, alongside them, all actors of good will (religious communities, associations, various movements, universities, companies, etc.), this is the objective of the Mediterranean meetings, so that joy and hope may be revived in the cultures and peoples of the Mediterranean.

Assembly of young people and bishops, festival and village bringing together economic, cultural and associative actors from the Mediterranean in order to promote the myriad of positive initiatives they carry, day with Pope Francis: welcome to the Mediterranean meetings!

8 days of meetings from September 17 to 24, 2023

After Bari (2020) and Florence (2022) in Italy, the choice of Marseille to welcome the Mediterranean meetings is not insignificant. Throughout history, Marseille has often been the gateway to the Orient. Today, for many people, coming from the East or the South, it is the gateway to the West. It is marked by a very strong Jewish, Armenian, North African, Levantine and sub-Saharan presence. It welcomes various Christian communities from the East. It is the city where the poorest neighborhood in Europe is located.

Marseille, a great cosmopolitan metropolis, city-laboratory and city-message, microcosm of what is at stake in the Mediterranean, has a special mission for France and the Mediterranean. By organizing the Mediterranean Meetings, Marseille, as a Church and as a city, wants to serve the unity of the human race in this very particular region of the Mediterranean.