A la carte evenings all around the Old Port

Candlelight concert

Dozens of vigils, concerts and times of ecumenical or interreligious exchange are organized on the occasion of the Mediterranean Meetings. The opportunity to listen to moving testimonies (Eastern Christians, migrants and refugees, rescuers at sea, etc.), to pray (praise, adoration, Gregorian and Byzantine concerts, etc.) or to walk in Friuli or experience a Welcome Shabbat at the great synagogue!


At 6:45 p.m. at the Breteuil synagogue

Great Synagogue - Marseille - Mediterranean Meetings 2023 - Unified Jewish Social Fund - Consistory Marseille

“Welcome Shabbat” Shabbat service and meal, organized by the Unified Jewish Social Fund, in partnership with the Israelite Consistory of Marseille. Open to all. Reception at 6:45 p.m., service at 7 p.m. sharp at the great synagogue (117 rue Breteuil 13006) for the service and at the Paul Benhaïm space for the shared meal. Reservation required on 04 91 37 40 57 or on www.billetweb.fr/welcome-shabbat-fsju

Frioul Archipelago: a walk on the theme of water

A night walk on the Frioul archipelago to (re)discover the history of Creation and the current issues linked to access to water in the Mediterranean. Walk, sharing and prayer, led by Xavier de Benazé, sj, Laudato Si' delegate – Ecology among the Jesuits of the French-speaking Western Europe Province, in partnership with the Laudato Si Movement. Departure at 6:00 p.m. from the pier. Reservations required: meetings-med23.org

At 8:30 p.m. at Saint Charles Church

“Liturgies of the East and the West: the two lungs of the Church. With the Gregorian choir of the Saint Charles Church, the Œuvre d'Orient and the Heart of Lebanon. FREE ENTRANCE.

At 8 p.m. at the church of Notre-Dame des Accoules

“The art of loving that unites us in the Mediterranean”. Vigil of fraternity and unity with the Focolare. Testimonies about the daily lives of Focolare members who live in Marseille, the Holy Land, Algeria and Italy. Participation of the music group Gen Rosso. Prayer time. 10 place Daviel 13002 – Free entry.

At 8 p.m. at the Saint Nicolas-de-Myre church

Med 23Oriental recital – oriental choirs. An evening to let yourself be carried away by Byzantine, Chaldean, Greek, Melkite, Syro-Lebanese songs and melodies, which will accompany the testimony of an Eastern bishop. With the Greek-Melkite Catholic choir of Saint Nicholas of Myra, the choir of the Maronite church of Our Lady of Lebanon and the choir of the Chaldean church. 19 rue Edmond Rostand 13006. Free entry.

At 8 p.m. at the Notre-Dame-du-Mont church

“Free to choose to emigrate or stay”. On the theme of World Migrant and Refugee Day of September 24, 2023, meeting, discussions and prayer on the theme of migration, led by the Sant'Egidio community, testimonies from Naïm Espérance, migrants, rescuers at sea , etc. 1 rue de Lodi 13006 – Free entry.

At 8 p.m. at Saint-Ferréol church

Ecumenical Mediterranean. On the occasion of 40 years of Dialogue RCF, the Christian radio of Aix and Marseille, in prayer with the community of Taizé and in the presence of its prior, Brother Aloïs, ecumenical celebration with Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and Apostolic Armenians. 1 quai des Belges 13001 – Free entry.

At 8 p.m. at the Grignan Temple

Listening together. Everything is simple when God leads! Experiencing a spiritual encounter between Christians and Muslims in listening, sharing, respecting the words of others (“taking off my sandals in front of the sacred ground of the other”), testimonies, experiencing together the 'worship. 15 rue Grignan 13006 – Free entry.

At 8 p.m. at the Théâtre de l'Odéon

Outstanding representation of Pierre & Mohamed, whose text tells, at the heart of the Algerian drama of the 1990s, the friendship between Pierre Claverie, bishop of Oran, and Mohamed, his young Muslim driver, who will be assassinated together. Entrance: €8. Reduced: €6. Free – from 7 years old. Ticketing : https://bit.ly/3ONV9li

At 8 p.m. at Saint Laurent Church

“With Ignace in the Mediterranean, make the choice of meeting”. An evening to discover Ignace's story about his travels, his encounters in the Mediterranean and his way of experiencing the encounter with the other that we do not (re)know. Sharing time in small groups, testimonies from a migrant and a person who welcomed a migrant into their home. With the participation of young people from MEJ, MCC, CVX 16 esplanade de la Tourette 13002 Free entry.

At 8 p.m. at Maison Montolieu

“Serve today and tomorrow in the Church to respond to Mediterranean challenges? » Round table with Mgr Théodore Kontidis, Archbishop of Athens, Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich, Archbishop of Luxembourg, Nathalie Becquart (xav), undersecretary of the synod of bishops, Etienne Grieu sj, rector of the Center Sèvres (Paris). 47 Rue Montolieu 13002 – Free entry

At 8:30 p.m. at Saint Victor Basilica

Concert “In Beating Choirs”. A “multi-choir” concert dedicated to traditional songs from the Eastern and Western Mediterranean; with the mixed choir of Roudelet Felibren, the “Vives Voix” choir and “Les Soeurs de Byzance”. Prices: €10 (full price) / €5 (half price); free for under 12s and RSA beneficiaries.  Ticketing : amisdesaintvictor.com

At 8:30 p.m. at the Reformed Church

Mission Congress. Opening vigil. Intercession for the entire region. Praise, lectio, mission. 2 courses Franklin Roosevelt 13001. Registration required on www. billetweb.fr/congres-mission-marseille-2023-2

At 8:30 p.m., at the Center le Mistral

“Telling the new spiritualities in the Mediterranean”. Round table with Jean-François Meuriot (Institute of Sciences and Theology of Religions) Christophe Pons (Aix-Marseille University); Sophie Bava (Aix-Marseille University) 11 impasse Flammarion 13001 – Parking on site – Registration with: icm@icm13.com

At 8:30 p.m. at the Major

Praise and compassion vigil. Come praise, entrust intentions, ask to be prayed for. Prayer vigil led by the Emmanuel Community. Possibility of arriving at any time. FREE ENTRANCE.


Mediterranean meetings Araxe Festival MED 23 Pope Francis MarseilleAt the Palais des Congrès – Parc Chanot

Araxe: an exceptional spectacle of Armenian dances. At the end of mass at the Orange Vélodrome stadium, come and immerse yourself in the history of Armenia, through music, dances and songs, in an exceptional show offered by the Araxe ensemble. Offered by the Armenian Youth of France (JAF) and the SAFIM – Foire de Marseille. Access through door A. Free places but reservations required: rencontres@med23.org

Gourmet evening at the Marseille International Fair

A gourmet 100% meeting to enjoy the restaurants of the Fair by night, from 7 p.m., after mass at the Orange Vélodrome stadium. 80 restaurateurs on site will make you taste their specialties! All people with a ticket to access the mass with Pope Francis at the Orange Vélodrome stadium can go for free to the Marseille International Fair, located at Parc Chanot (right next to the stadium). Access via door C. Program and information about foiredemarseille.com

At 8 p.m. at the Théâtre de l'Odéon

Musical trip to Andalusia: exceptional concert with three masters of Andalusian music, Françoise Atlan, Salim Fergani and Fouad Didi, songs in Arabic and Spanish with a translation of the poems into French. Entrance: €25. Reduced: €19 (CE, associations, over 65 years old, PMR, group of over 10 people). A concert proposed by Méditerranée Events & Travel. Informations et réservations : b.metvoyages@yahoo.fr ou SMS 06 36 51 14 61 71

At 8:30 p.m. at Saint Victor Basilica

Show “If Victor was told to me”

Between chivalrous tales and legends, Gregorian and lyrical chants, dances and ghostly apparitions, the show reveals the treasures of the abbey to two prestigious visitors from the past, Maimonides and Averroes. A show for young and old. With actors from the Bis Repetita and Globoids Associés companies, soprano Maria Moreno, choreographer Valérie Miquel and volunteers from the Friends of Saint Victor association. Prices: €10 (full price) / €5 (half price); free for children under 12 and RSA beneficiaries. Information and Information: www.amisdesaintvictor.com

At 8:30 p.m. at the Basilica of the SacredHeart

Pueri Cantores – A concert with the 150 child choristers who came to sing for mass with Pope Francis. In partnership with the French Federation of Little Singers). Free contribution to costs.

At 9 p.m. at Saint Ferréol church

Sacred music in the Mediterranean – An exceptional concert of “Sacred Music”, given in the historic languages of the Mediterranean basin (Greek, Latin, Aramaic, Hebrew, Arabic), with the Soloists of Byzantine Music for the Greek language, the Notre-Dame du Lebanon Choir for the Arabic language and Paris cantors for Latin, in a church entirely lit by candles. Free admission. RReservations required on www.billetweb.fr/ marseille-les-solistes-de-la-musique-byzantine

At 7 p.m. at Notre-Dame de la Garde

Mediterranean Rooftop – Evening for students and young professionals. Aperitif dinner and folk dances. On registration: bit.ly/3NYCHER

At 9 p.m. at Saint Giniez church

Prayer vigil, with the young people of the MEJ. Bd. Emile Sicard, 13008

Mission Congress vigils

The Mission Congress offers several vigils: artistic vigil, mission vigil, effusion of the Spirit vigil. The entire program can be discovered on marseille.congresmission.com/programming - FREE ENTRANCE.

Published on September 12, 2023