The festival of Mediterranean meetings

Supported by the Mar Yam association, the MED 23 festival is the “general public” part of the event called the Mediterranean meetings, which will be held in Marseille from September 17 to 24 and culminated in the arrival, in the Phocaean city, of Pope Francis himself, very involved in Mediterranean issues.

The objective of these Met is to work on the challenges facing the Mediterranean – situation of migrants, access to water, great poverty, religious plurality and living together, etc. – and to leverage all the resources it already has to respond to these challenges and become, truly and sustainably, a “sea of fraternity”.

To promote all the associative, solidarity and cultural initiatives that exist in the Mediterranean and respond to these challenges, the festival of Mediterranean meetings mobilized nearly 150 partners in a rich, dense program, open to all, advocating the values of solidarity, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, culture, integration through economic activity, preservation of ecological balances, etc. Conferences, shows, urban strolls, football tournament, solidarity banquet with 600 people in vulnerable situations, folk dances of Mediterranean dances, testimonies from migrants and associations that help and support them, workshops for manufacturing recycled objects, spaces for dialogue on “taking care” in the Mediterranean, the presence of Mediterranean communities, a walk in Friuli on the theme of water, are all proposals that the festival will take place from September 16 to 24 for all Marseillaises and all the people of Marseille.

The gathering point for this festival, a large associative village with 70 exhibitors will be held on the Esplanade de la Major from September 22 to 24, with numerous free access events planned on site, notably on Sunday September 24, with a large “ glass of Mediterranean friendship” at 12:30 p.m. to celebrate World Migrant and Refugee Day together.

All programming is available on www.rencontres-med23.org/programme

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