Practical information

Many construction sites are opening up to prepare the Mediterranean meetings. So that you don't get lost, here is the important information and the addresses to use to contact the various department heads: 


To participate in Pope Francis' Mass, you must contact your parish if you are in the diocese of Marseille or the diocesan pilgrimage service if you are in another diocese to register.

If the lists are already closed, the parishes and diocesan services open waiting lists, on which you can ask to be registered.

Whether you are located in a parish/diocesan anchorage or not, you can also do your request via this form, requests will be processed in the order they arrive. If they are very numerous, not all will be able to be satisfied.

You can stay informed thanks to the newsletter to which you can subscribe here.

In any case, please note that the tickets are completely free and may not be sold or purchased. They will be issued in the first half of September by March 360.

Finally, as the requests are very numerous, everything is done so that the greatest number of people, whatever their ecclesial ties or their religious affiliation, can participate, in one way or another, in this great event. .


People wishing to spend one or more nights in Marseille can contact the diocesan pilgrimage service to which the diocese of Marseille will soon communicate accommodation solutions, in particular rooms on ferries for the nights of September 21 to 22 and 22 and 23. . For the night of Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 September, cabins can already be reserved at the following address: (149 € per person, double or triple cabins).

One way to help organize Mediterranean meetings is also to offer accommodation to pilgrims who have come to Marseille for this event. If you have one, two, three bedroom(s) available, you can fill in this form. Thank you for your welcome !


Referents: Catherine, Amaury - press[To]


Referents: Edouard and Vanina - patronage[To]

To make an online donation (you will automatically receive your tax receipt), Click here. Thank you for your generosity.


Referrers : Laurent, Bernadette, Charles-Henri, Frederic - recruitment.volunteering[To]

General coordination

Referent : Father Xavier - organisation[a]

ASSEMBLY OF BISHOPS and youth session

Referrers : Father Alexis

> for any question concerning the assembly of bishops: assembly[a]
> for any question concerning the youth session:  youth[a]


Vigils in the parishes (Thursday, September 21)
Referents: Catherine and Marguerite-Marie - parishes[a]

Theme evenings (Friday September 22)
Referents: Pascaline, Thomas, Augustin, Thibault, Bernadette and Thierry - program[To]

Village and partners (for stand requests in particular)
Referents: Marie, Jérôme, Antoine and Timothée - partnership[To]

Cultural actors
Referents: Astrid and Renan - animation[To]

Christian and diocesan movements
Referents : Guillemette and Violaine - churches[To]

Mediterranean communities
Referent: Myriam and Gersende - communitiesmed[To]

Solidarity associations
Referrers : Arthur, Hélène, Benoît - solidarity[To]

General coordination of the festival 
Referents: Amaury - festival[a]